call for students/young ambassadors at ICT 2013


    ICT2013 Conference, November 6-8, Vilnius, Lithuania

    The ICT2013 Conference will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 6-8 November 2013. It will bring together Europe's best and brightest in ICT research, with new and old businesses, web start-ups and digital strategists to chart a path for Europe's ICT research policy. The ICT 2013 event will also be the first opportunity to learn the details of research funding for ICT-related projects under Horizon 2020. Around 4.500 participants are expected.
    We would like to encourage young researchers to participate in this event, to come together with ICT researchers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and strategy makers, so that the young and the experienced innovators can learn from each other and share ideas.
    Your project is likely to have amongst its participants' academies and research centres which are employing young researchers, and talented doctoral, postdoctoral and post-graduate students. We would like to cordially invite them to actively attend the conference, as young ambassadors, representing the new talents for European ICT research landscape, and also bringing visibility for your project through their interactions with conference delegates, presenters and organisers. There are specific activities through which these young people would contribute
    to the conference. They will be provided with a personal certificate for their contribution to this conference. More information of the activities planned for the young ambassadors is described in the online form for sending their application (see the link at the end of this message).
    We would kindly ask you to forward to the project partners this call to be distributed among their talented young researchers.
    The criteria for being selected are the following:
    -Status as a researcher, PhD student, postdoctoral student, or
    post-graduate student
    - Max age: 30 years old
    - Excellent written skills and good oral communication skills in English
    - Motivation, interest, and knowledge of topics relating to the ICT2013
    - Interesting points suggested for discussion with conference delegates
    and high-level representatives
    - Proved social media management experience is a plus (E.g.: Blogging,Twitter, Facebook etc.) for specific tasks

    Please note that participation of female young researchers and young attendants from the recently joined Member States is particularly encouraged. The selected students will have free entrance to the conference venue; however their travel and accommodation should be covered by the project budget.

    The following link gives more information of the planned activities for ICT2013 student/young ambassadors and the online application form to be submitted by the young researchers themselves.

    WHO: Are you an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) student or young researcher?
    WHERE: the ICT2013 Conference is an opportunity for you: The biggest ICT event in Europe in Vilnius on 6-8 November, 2013
    WHAT: Would you like to become an ambassador for the ICT 2013 conference.
    Click here to apply.
    WHEN: before 5 June 2013!
    SO WHAT: make work experience, report about ICT2013 online, and meet high-level policy makers: Digital champions, Young advisors, top researchers, and successful entrepreneurs!

    A Europe 2020 initiative