Quantum Interferometry

with Bose-Einstein Condensates

Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP)
Objective ICT-2011.9.1: Challenging Current Thinking
Contract Number: 284584
Project Start date: 1st November 2011
Project end date: 31st July 2015 (amendment 2014) Duration: 45 months

The project aims at the realization of a new class of interferometers based on entangled states of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates. These will have sensitivities beyond the shot-noise limit, potentially approaching the ultimate Heisenberg limit dictated by quantum mechanics. Our goal is to achieve an optimal control of the entanglement by means of novel experimental and theoretical tools to fully exploit its capabilities in precision measurements of time, forces, accelerations and electromagnetic fields. A successful completion of this project will disclose a new generation of quantum-enhanced sensors for applications and fundamental physics, and also lead to a better control and exploitation of quantum entanglement for ICT purposes.

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